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Our story and inspiration in life

The Tech Silvers (TS) is the professional association for Health and Wellness Coaching in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its mission is to raise awareness and understanding of Health and Wellness Coaching as a believable and accessible modality for stopping and potentially reversing lifestyle-related chronic disease.

The TS is the first health and wellness coaching professional association in the world. We are the only resource in the United Kingdom and Ireland devoted to advancing Health and Wellness Coaching and offering support and advocacy for Health and Wellness Coaches and their clients.

We seek to develop and maintain the highest professional standards within a clearly defined scope of practise and, in partnership with other involved stakeholder groups, to positively affect the nation’s health.

Our Members are certified Health and Wellness Coaches who are particularly trained and experienced in assisting and empowering clients to achieve lasting behaviour and lifestyle changes to enhance their health step by step. Chronic lifestyle diseases are becoming prevalent, and the NHS is unable to meet the needs of a sickly population, resulting in an insurmountable strain on its resources.

Health & Wellness Coaches provide a potentially strong answer to both of these problems by cutting through the confusion and giving practical assistance and advice to reverse the underlying causes of chronic, lifestyle-related disease.

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