COVID-19 Immunity – Enter Via the Slim Gate

Matthew 7: 13-14 places it: “enter ye via the narrow gate, for broad is the gate that prospects to hell”. A most telling verse certainly. In mild of Coronavirus, to where precisely is this educational verse guiding. Regards all round well being, how do we interpret this verse precisely regards Coronavirus contagion?

By the stop of this article, issues in this spot must develop into a great deal more clearer. That, regards COVID-19, we’re not helpless, not at all, in truth, the reverse.

The truth of the matter is, we’re each interior outfitted with dynamics of avoidance and therapeutic exclusively regards the circumstance pertaining globally.

But, right up until we connect consciously with this protection dynamic, and add it almost into consciousness, then scriptures as these keep on being at their intellectual value only. So the require of looking at the previously mentioned scripture esoterically, as opposed to literal. Floor reading through by yourself of this, or any scripture, does not alter the condition of the soul.

A lot more than at any time, it truly is time for going into private empowerment or direct knowledge of the innately present divine in each of us. Time for evolving beyond restricting dogmas and perception methods, into genuine religious maturity in God-Presence consciousness.

Remembering, that, biblical ‘church’ is not referring to a bodily setting up, but one’s consciousness. Similarly, the biblical term ‘Jew’ refers to ‘inwardly’ — just one trying to get God in. The phrase is not referring to the Jewish nation or its people. So the phrases on major of the crucifixion examine: ‘hail king of the Jews’ that means, praise be the inwardly directed soul looking for their very own Christ within just.

This Matthew scripture, for that reason, is referring to our getting ‘inwardly’, staying in narrow gate status as opposed to outwardly — extensive gate orientation.

At our core, we are every single ‘inwardly’: we’re just about every seeker’s.

To this end, being familiar with keyphrases in the higher than scripture, is important.


What does slender and huge gates suggest?

‘Gate’ is an avenue of sense practical experience, and ‘narrow’ is inward target.

Extensive gate is referring to the outer earth, to the incessant activity of the scattered brain and its attraction or association with the conditioned 5 senses.

So, there are two gates. One particular leading to heaven the other to hell. The gate to heaven is the strait, or narrow gate – this means to be inwardly trying to find – and the gate primary to hell is the outer extensive gate of sense consciousness.

The questions crop up: what practicalities are associated in moving into the slender gate? Exactly where are these two gates situated, and how does a single enter via the narrow gate? Do we enter with our belief systems, our creeds, our religion-flags, or with what?

In other phrases, what is the password?


The slender gate is psychological convergence — a signifies of self-realization — and is found in the mind. The wide gate capabilities below the law of religious ignorance, here referred to as hell. And the password is, ‘meditational silence’.

Mastering these two ‘gates’, by applying the password basically, are our defense usually means towards COVID-19. It does so by making invincible immunity.

Commencing Inwardly

Both of those gates originally signify polar opposite functioning’s, and for very good rationale. The purpose getting, that we have to decide on one gate common more than the other. Then, obtaining picked out to be inwardly — narrow gate — we make practical development in that course: commence the inward journey of recognizing God straight. This method — which will be described — contemplating the tangible benefits of heaven and health and fitness, is not tricky but demands dedication and perseverance.

Extensive gate consciousness satisfies brain-senses only, while Spirit or slim gate satisfies the coronary heart,

Narrowing the concentrate

So, ‘the slender gate’ originally is about NARROWING the broad gate: narrowing the active intellect. Narrowing the pursuits of the incessant acutely aware considering head and its attraction with the outer globe. Narrowing the mental concentration is how the senses develop into withdrawn from their objects, therefore transforming vast gate encountering.

Large gate action leads to decline of spiritual identity, as a result the expression ‘what very good in conquering the environment, if in accomplishing so, we shed our soul’.

We’re born into vast gate typical, therefore the have to have of God-supplied faculties in bringing about slim gate typical, thereby access to kingdom of heaven recognition.

Miracle of Convergence

Narrowing of the large gate, thus, is a single of mental convergence.

Convergence, by transforming large gate into slender gate, or, into solitary-eye recognition, performs as miracle-like activity, in that, convergence facilitates co-existence, whereby both of those gates purpose synergistically as one – ‘as earlier mentioned so below’.

Repeated arriving at convergence lets the mind adapt to dealing with two states of recognition at the same time: earth consciousness and eternal consciousness. Prior to twin point out of recognition, the mind functioned only in mono.

When converged condition gets recognized, we’re no lengthier beneath the ignorance-compelling influences or dominance of huge gate sights: we now make mindful choices. The mind re-calibrates from mono, making it possible for the nervous technique experience time and timelessness — relative and complete — simultaneously. Remembering that we occur in to this entire world uploaded in mono only.

In other phrases, when convergence matures, then slim-gate-large-gate completely transform to turn out to be infinity and issue awareness simultaneously. I say mature, since, there is so much bliss on get hold of with point, in experienced narrow gate, that the nervous system wants time to acclimatize, become cultured into withstanding waves of bliss. Therefore it requires repeated apply for the physiology to adapt.

Biblically, point is referred to as ‘the the very least among you’, for there is almost nothing scaled-down than least. After we get mature ‘least’ — point-get hold of, or mature slender gate recognition — the soul is liberated to surf aware infinity — the non-permeated state of Currently being.

Relevance of Aum and the Pineal gland

Enable us now introduce the car of convergence, the mantra, Aum.

As mentioned, in purchase to transcend sense exercise, we must hone the psychological colleges by means of convergence. In achieving this, the mind adjusts to the reverberations of Aum. Aum mantra is the subtle humming seem of the universe. When this sacred vibratory seem oscillates at in between 1-3 cycles for each 2nd, the mind attunes itself cosmically or Godly.

This inner hearing of Aum, at the subtle stage, can take the awareness normally concerning the eyebrows, to the pineal gland at the center of the brain. The eyes, in meditation, will automatically vacation upwards converging them selves amongst the eyebrows.

Some may be acquainted with sure crucifixion visuals, wherever Jesus’ eyes — on the cross — are open and obviously directed to this converged stage in between the eyebrows. There is how the pineal gland is accessed for its religious and wellbeing added benefits. This gland, as a result, equates to the biblical slim gate, or issue consciousness.

There is a bust statue of the pineal gland in the garden part of the Vatican. This image is in no way spoken about, and, nevertheless its esoteric concept is essential especially for the duration of this present pandemic.

Pineal expertise transcends belief techniques.

The pineal is in which biblical Jacob (symbolism for the as but non-redeemed soul) observed the face of God (Bliss). ‘Face of God’ is referring to the impression and likeness or God-mother nature awaiting stimulation into consciousness, into our life as immediate Existence working experience. The pineal centre is wherever lower ego – extensive gate — will get ‘crucified’. It can be also referred to as ‘place of the skull’ – or ‘mount’, this means greatest point of recognition. In other text, in meditation, when recognition transcends, it come to be Mount awareness.

Optimizing inner hearing

Many are acquainted with chanting of that most revered mantra, Aum or Om.

We’re now likely to present just how this amazing mantra can be experienced even much more purely.

In verbal chanting, we’re common only with hearing Aum at surface decibel level, and this is beautiful, of study course. But, for a lot of, verbal chanting may not be sensible in confined household quarters.

So, let’s say our ordinary chanting of Aum is through the surface area decibel degree. Now, commence listening to verbally at surface area amount, for, let us say, 30 seconds. Then, cease verbal recitation and go on listening to the exact mantra seem silently within – go into ‘minus’ decibel level depth. We are now deepening the inner listening to gate to 4-7 cps, (cycles for every next) this is Theta healing condition.

With sustained practice, we can deepen to 1-3 cps, this is called Delta condition. This is God-Vibration state.

A observe operate

Be seated with shut eyes. Start surface area hearing of Aum for about 30 seconds then swap to ‘hearing’ Aum silently within just.

If the head drifts into huge gate, and it will — this is why we apply — pause for about 3 seconds, then resume internal ‘hearing’. Just about every resumed ‘hearing’ will be from a further amount. This gate-narrowing from surface exercise to cosmic silence, equates to sickness-free or divine regular of consciousness.

we arrive to have an understanding of, that, point and infinity are equal: neither are permeated by time, area and causation. Consequently, difficulties as COVID-19 do not exist below. And if the full world population entered into place consciousness or Pure consciousness day-to-day, the earth would not be shut down as pertains presently. But, this also shall pass.

Ultimately, to full Matthew 7–13-14 previously mentioned, we need to have to explain Matthew 22–14. This verse is piotal.

It states:

‘Many are named but few are chosen’

This verse is directly connected to the large gate, slender gate dynamic.

The actuality is, through birth, we have each and every alreadybeen selected, or invited to the wedding day feast, to the kingdom of God in: every single is invited to enter through the slender gate. In other phrases, we are each and every bestowed off divine Probable for noticing Godliness inside of consciousness. Every is presented probable of self-realizing ‘image and likeness of God’ by acutely aware selection.

Therefore we ‘choose’ or make ourselves ‘chosen’.

‘Image and likeness’ realization is for the reasons of living divine conventional via religion-infused consciousness. This religion is not for selective material possessions only, but common in the course of all areas of our lifetime. Designed faith equates to formulated silence, which represents cosmic standard of consciousness or immediate alignment in God-nature.

We’ve all been picked or supplied an invite to this divine regular. But, weather we pick out to go to the marriage feast — choose to converge and go as a result of slim gate of silence expertise — is our alternative. In this context, God does not power or opt for any of us, as this kind of, we make ourselves decided on.

The word ‘many’ implies ‘all’, and the phrase ‘few’ usually means ‘none’ and the word ‘chosen’ refers to picking out ourselves, picking out narrow gate over wide gate.

For lots of, in the beginning, this path can pose personalized worries. But that is precisely what it truly is meant to be: a challenge of integration and transformation. And this is why many to begin with do not come across the slim gate, for the reason that they have not consciously determined in finding it.

In the earlier mentioned scriptures, we are requested to surrender sense-consciousness for the interval of meditation. In meditation, we relinquish huge gate for slim gate, relinquish decreased conventional for divine or white garment conventional. Recurring meditation makes sure we are carrying a white garment at the wedding day feast. White garment is obtained by entering as a result of the narrow gate frequently, foremost to purification,.

In conclusion

Meditation is similar to entering the silence cave in, then re-rising. But, on re-emergence, we’re not leaving the cave driving, alternatively we’re using its pure silence with us. Each individual time we enter the cave and re-arise, we mature abuntdantly a lot more in pure silence and stillness. As a result each individual entry into meditation makes certain retention of further cave-silence, when, at a particular level, cave silence turns into permanent.

Thus, conditions as COVID-19, owing to our now invincible immune process, born of converged narrow gate silence, have no influence on us. Blessings.

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