Bible Memory Verses and Meditation – What is the Variation?

Bible verses memorization is commonplace in the modern day Church. It really is in Sunday College, on net providers, in emails, flashcards, and probably any other location you can consider to put a verse. The dilemma is: Is it helpful?

It’s possible you are — or have been — like me. I assumed I was a terrible Christian. I had plenty of Bible tales floating around, even a several crucial verses, but I could never ever recall them just suitable.

I would say some thing like, “Present yourselves a residing sacrifice, that you… eh… are suitable to God… and… eh… confirm Him worthy.” But, I would get the job done at it, examine and research additional, and I would get much better at remembering the verses, but would have difficulties remembering e book, chapter, and verse.

Then I would say, “Oh, I know them properly, I just you should not know exactly where they live.”

At that time, I was a Christian for about 12 years. My mate, a veritable toddler in the faith (2 decades,) was quoting scriptures right up until he was blue in the experience. Truthfully, I was jealous.

That’s wherever my coronary heart was. I preferred to understand Bible Memory Verses just to demonstrate I knew one thing, achieve recognition, clearly show I was a ‘man of God.’

Now, I haven’t arrived still, but I have surely left. I understood my attitude was improper and began searching at this full thought of memory verses. What does the Bible say? Well, it genuinely does not say substantially about memorizing verses. There are a couple of verses that can be interpreted into memorizing, but I would go a action even further. We are not just to memorize verses, but to focus intently on them, consider on them, rehearse them in our minds and hearts, and chew on it like a cow chewing its cud getting every single final little bit of nourishment.

So, what’s the distinction in between memorizing and meditating? What may well appear to be like a small subject will make a enormous variance in your lifetime.

God explained to the Israelites make scripture integral to their daily life:

“These commandments that I give you now are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your small children. Converse about them when you sit at house and when you stroll along the highway, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your palms and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your homes and on your gates.” – Deut. 6:6-9 (NIV)

The to start with instruction on meditation happens in Joshua 1:8. God tells Joshua that he is (we are) to meditate on the guide of the regulation working day and night time. Why? “That you may be watchful to do every little thing composed in it. Then you will be affluent and profitable.” (NIV) The word meditate is the Hebrew phrase ‘Hagah’ (Strong’s H1897) which indicates to mumble, mutter, utter or speak. God tells Joshua, “You want to fill Moses footwear, then imagine about and converse about what is published working day and night. Of course, even the book of Numbers.”

Then again, David writes, “[The blessed man’s] delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his legislation he meditates day and evening.” (Psalm 1:2 NIV emphasis mine)

Allow me digress. I do think that memorizing Bible verses is better than not memorizing. It can only profit you. BUT the Bible teaches going further than mere memorization. In simple fact, it teaches us not just to memorize but to hide the Term in our coronary heart and make it a element of who we are. Memorization entails your head though meditation consists of your coronary heart.

A uncomplicated story sums up this place. A male held a friends and household Christmas party. As they ended up gathered around the hearth, they resolved to, in the spirit of the year, estimate their most loved verses. The host, an eloquent speaker, arose and recited the 23rd Psalm (The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want….) The visitors were surprised at his aptitude for shipping and delivery and applauded. After a several many others, it was Grandma’s flip. Now Grandma had been dozing for about a half hour and experienced missed what was going on. The host gently woke her and requested her to recite her favourite verse. The Grandmother sat up, cleared her throat, and recited the 23rd Psalm. When she was finished, there was not a dry eye in the place.

As his attendees were being leaving, a person buddy approached him and claimed, “I do not get it, what was the variance in between your recitation and your Grandmother’s? They have been similar.” The host smiled and simply just claimed, “I know the Psalm. She appreciates the Shepherd.”

So begin currently. Acquire a most loved memory verse, or appear-up preferred verse, and take the 1st phase outside of memorization. Publish it on the pill of your coronary heart. Right after a thirty day period, the results may possibly shock you.

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