Spreading a Legacy of Mystical Wisdom for Health and fitness and Properly-Being

Ever speculate wherever fantastic physical health and psychological effectively-remaining arrive from?

Primarily when we will not have them, we extended to know how to get them again.

Even though scientific investigation can give lots of answers, it won’t be able to reach into the subtle realms of the metaphysical and mystical.

But in the course of substantially of the 20th century, a renowned Greek Cypriot did just that. To some he was known as the “Magus of Strovolos.” To others, he was just a humble civil servant with an awesome grasp of languages, religions, human mother nature and the capability to heal significant sickness.

He was termed “Daskalos” (“trainer” in Greek) since he made available common, every day lectures in a drop-like creating powering his house for numerous a long time. He would talk of several truths to assist men and women have an understanding of how they want to are living their life, and offer therapeutic as very well. This was his contacting as a modern day day Christian mystic.

As his status unfold, a lot more and much more people arrived to him to get relief from physical and psychological ailments. He tirelessly served them all.

At the conclude of the 1980’s, a youthful American college pupil of Sociology travelled to Cyprus to go to a handful of of Daskalos’ lectures. He before long recognized the greatness of these teachings and grew to become an assistant to the learn.

Through the following five decades, Paul Skorpen focused his lifestyle to mastering all he could from Daskalos. They became close companions as Paul aided him vacation to wherever his instructing commitments would acquire him international locations in Europe, North and South The usa.

When Daskalos died in August, 1995 it was a crushing blow to many – especially his most committed university student and expensive friend Paul. After a period of time of mourning and finalizing projects, Paul and his spouse-to-be Birgit still left Cyprus and settled in southern Germany.

To spread and even further acquire the teachings of Daskalos, they established the Theosis Institute of Mysticism and Therapeutic in 1996.

As time went by, persons would check with Paul if he could mend as Daskalos healed. In fact, he was doubtful, but had been so carefully involved in Daskalos’ perform for so very long, that he understood he experienced to consider.

People did come to be properly as Paul applied what he experienced discovered from the learn. But Paul comprehended also that there was even extra to discover. He sought out even further inspiration from the Holy Scriptures as well as Jap medication.

As his knowing of the therapeutic system deepened, he was able to assist much more individuals, with further complications to long lasting wellbeing and very well-being.

His wife Birgit is also a teacher, creator and vital contributor to building the get the job done of the Institute.

Expertise of the perform getting done by this dedicated few has spread all over various European nations and the US. Their contribution to our knowing of life, health and perfectly-being is sizeable.

They provide us all a opportunity to much better realize ourselves and how we can attain – or get back – superior health and a great sense of very well-becoming.

May well their do the job – and the legacy it is developed on – go on enriching the life of students and healers they have qualified, for numerous decades to come.

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