Coronavirus – Scriptures on Establishing Invincible Immunity and Ideal Psychological Wellness

“It is the delivery suitable of every single human currently being to be wholesome, joyful and holy”.– Yogi Bhajan 1969.

This sentiment is echoed by numerous of the fantastic sages of all generations together with the illuminant scripture writers.

With this in thoughts — utilizing some astounding scriptures — enable us shed considerably-required religious mild onto the supply of all health and fitness, contentment and holiness.

Enable us very first search at how the intellect, human body-physiology is established, and notice their roles in the production and servicing of the best possible health, peace and pleasure, particularly immunity for the duration of this coronavirus time.

“In the starting God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1–1

Basically speaking, esoterically, what does this scripture indicate for each and every of us currently.

Genesis 1-1 is not referring to development of the outer bodily universe, relatively creation of an inner universe.

‘Heavens’ below is symbolism for the mind and its latent inventive facets, with ‘earth’ as symbolism for the human body-physiology.

“in the starting” usually means creation through the Primordial electrical power.


In the development of the bodily physique what unique dynamic is at play?

So, when we say “God made”, this is referring to ‘God the Holy Spirit’ created — meaning the Kundalini life vitality made.

In other words, Kundalini staying the primordial eternal power, is the universal lifetime force which alone results in.

Therefore, from the egg-sperm seed-embryo perspective, Kundalini existence power sets about creation of the complete brain-entire body framework.

Genesis is indicating, God the Holy Spirit — Kundalini — the divine female vitality identified as Shakti — generates the mind and entire body from her divine things which by now exist in just this joyous embryo.

Genesis is laying emphasis on the creation of the human soul — and its prospective for inventive replica to include actual physical and psychological health – and is NOT referring to development of the outer physical universe in this instance.

On completion — when the essential organs have all been produced — Kundalini goes asleep at the foundation of the spine for afterwards reawakening as a result of vibrational prompt. When this similar kundalini electricity re-emerges, returns to type nonetheless another physique — the ethereal body — for the purpose of forming and creating everlasting cosmic consciousness and mindful union with the Divine Eternal.

This ‘new’ spiritual physique is shaped when Kundalini rises to the brain, exactly where it will become A single with the LORD – referred to by a lot of as Shiva, or unique titles – so the mystical biblical relationship.

Scripture refers to this mind location:

“And on the seventh working day God rested” Genesis: 2–2

Which means, God the Father consciousness is understood by awakening the seventh chakra in the mind.

Blessed Trinity

The Blessed Trinity is:’God the Father’ — resting at the seventh chakra in the mind tabernacle, with Kundalini as ‘God the Holy Spirit’ – residing to begin with at the foundation of the backbone — and the human soul when Self-recognized is ‘God the Son’, on resurrection of consciousness by using Kundalini awakening in the head.

Jesus refers to this resurrection course of action:

‘No a single comes to the Father apart from via Me’ John: 14–6

Which means, that, in buy to get to ‘God the Father’ — therefore getting to be God the Son — we have to just about every go by ‘God the Holy Spirit’ – Kundalini and spiritual awakening — there becoming no fancy quick-cuts or favoritism.

Neutralizing Preceding Conditioning

Thanks to non-built-in conditioning — karmic designs from former lives — entire Kundalini effects in our present lifestyle remains dormant until finally acutely aware integration of this decreased mother nature conditioning is underway by implies which will be outlined right here later on.

To assistance deal with this karmic carryover — of non secular ignorance — scripture reminds us of spending 40 many years in the wilderness or desert.

In this article 40 decades is not referring to 40 calendar many years – 40 is symbolism for Unity {of intellect, system spirit]. In other phrases, we each occur to this earth aircraft for the intent of living consciously by way of this formerly incurred ignorance conditioning and commit to its integration.

We stay ‘suffering’ until we’re all set for internal awakening, completely ready for dwelling by the spiritual coronary heart chakra – the New Jerusalem.

Thus it’s the Kundalini bliss – biblical Rapture — which neutralizes subconscious considered designs, the unfavorable brain-sets blocking direct consciousness of our genuine divine nature – to incorporate immune program invincibility.

Creation’s Protocols

As we awaken, further spiritual awareness commences to emerge. These kinds of as — the bodily physique is basically the close products of the human nervous process, and the nervous method the conclusion solution of the mind, which brain is the conclude product of the initial Creator, as in Genesis 1-1: “In the commencing God produced the heavens and the earth” – brain, human body, soul.

For that reason, in order to neutralize and purify the detrimental karmic designs, its required that we deliver the anxious technique and five senses again to the A person which developed THE Thoughts, which is God the Holy Spirit, the Primordial Kundalini energy.

To this stop, at some stage on our spiritual wilderness sojourn, activities direct to profound insights, prompts on the want of earning very important lifestyle-modifying decision, these kinds of as, drawn to looking at spiritual literature, esoteric scriptures, or hearing soul motivational articles, or searching for to master a psychological willpower observe these types of as yoga or meditation. This sort of is how we return to Supply for non secular servicing, and karmic integration.

Standard meditation prospects to reawakening our dormant Kundalini, which, on reaching the crown chakra in the brain, transmutes the ignorance-primarily based wilderness intellect into getting to be our Garden of Paradise.

Scriptures Relating to Kundalini Re-Awakening

“The place I go you can not go but I go to prepare a put for you” — John: 13-33, 14–3

That means “in which I go (wherever pure consciousness resides) you (lessen-ego karmic designs) are unable to go”.

“I will appear back and get you to myself” John:14-3

that means, reawakening of the dormant Kundalini therefore main to Self-realization in Unity consciousness..

‘You will seem but you will not come across me’ — John 13–33

God staying Pure Consciousness, this point out are not able to be [seen] recognised by means of an impure heart, conditioned senses and polluted nervous program.

In other phrases, Pure Consciousness reveals By itself, by means of Alone, unto By itself — the Transcendent condition.

So, transcendental bliss can’t be professional as a result of our born-into lessen mother nature – hence, transcendence and purification as a result of daily meditation.

Kundalini on your own goes to ‘prepare a place’, transforms animalistic lower-ego designs, generating us compatible unto Pure consciousness.

To this close — of awakening unto the Transcendent – scripture reminds us:of the way..

“and God [the holy Spirit] reported unto Moses [moral man/woman]: “Carry up Thy Rod”. Exodus: 14-16 KJV

How does 1 ‘Lift up Thy Rod’?

Reflect on Genesis 7-17, on the flood that lifted Noah’s Ark. This Ark is symbolism for the mind, the human mind which God flooded [with Kundalini bliss] and how this Ark-mind afterwards came to rest atop of a mountain, symbolism for best place of recognition or consciousness. The dove which Noah later on despatched out is symbolism for the peace and appreciate professional put up interior awakening.

The ‘Rod’ symbolizes the spinal column — the school route of Noah’s Kundalini Flood — which homes five chakras underneath the brain and two chakras in mid-brain. Seven energy-emitting centers made by divine buy as signifies of the soul’s Dwelling returning unto God the Father — soul liberation unto Pure consciousness.

For Rod activation, enter involving the eyebrows and begin faint Internal listening to of Omm or AUM. This exercise sets up a vibration which triggers the kundalini, which then moves up the spinal column — the Rod is ‘lifting up’. This lifting awakens the other chakras together the spine, especially the Thymus gland accountable for generation of mature antibodies or T-cells for coronavirus immunity, culminating in awakening the pineal – the 3rd eye — and pituitary gland in the mind dependable for release of important Progress Hormone for sustaining youth consciousness at any age.

“In My Father’s Kingdom Are Many Mansions – John 14-1

This scripture is drawing interest to the seven chakras precisely and their personal goal in creation.

As each chakra awakens, further concentrations of spiritual depth are exposed and accessed unto our consciousness: profound intelligence, intuitive recognition and perceptive comprehension, not previously known by way of the reduced animalistic intellect, are occur upon.

These ‘Revelations’ currently being cosmic nuggets of intelligence, re-calibrate the reduced intellect and brain-overall body organism into immediately being aware of increased states of consciousness.

At last, as daily meditation develops invincibility of the immune procedure from overseas antigens, it is really very important therefore that we each individual produce coronary heart-cantered consciousness — fifth chakra — hence triggering the innate likely of setting up invincible immunity, in general well being and mental properly-currently being for all.—Primordial-Seem-of-Generation-and-the-Scriptures&id=9836137

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